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Coffee Pods

There may be no more convenient or easy way to enjoy a great cup of coffee than with our coffee pods. Created in small batches and shipped straight from our roaster, our pods are the best way to get great coffee on demand.

We always carry 12-count boxes of O.Henry’s Blend, African Classic, and Southern Pecan, but if you want K cups of any of our in-stock roasts, just ask and we can make them for you. Custom order might take a little bit longer.

Better Coffee Pods.

It’s no secret that coffee pods are incredibly convenient, but it’s also no secret that most coffee pods aren’t known for their freshness. That’s because most of them are processed and packaged in huge batches, and warehoused for months on end. But at O.Henry’s, we grind and create our coffee pods right at our roaster, which means your coffee is still fresh when you get it from us.
The biggest complaint about most Coffee Pods is that the coffee can taste watered-down. Our unique filtration system is specifically designed to allow each cup of coffee to be made with coffee-shop level strength – so that it tastes like real coffee and not like coffee-flavored water.
For the days that you don’t have time to make a full pot of coffee or stop by your local O.Henry’s, coffee pods are easy to use and an incredibly fast way to enjoy great coffee. But beyond that, we’ve also made them more convenient for your to get. Now you can order them directly to your door from our website, or if you live in the Birmingham area, we will deliver them right to your door.
Our technology is the first 100% recyclable single-serve pods on the market. Some brands claim to be recyclable and compostable, but many of these products are unable to be broken down except in commercial composting facilities. Ours is able to decompose and be recycled easily.
Because our coffee doesn’t have to travel to a packing facility and then back to our warehouse, that means fewer carbon dioxide emissions.