Coffee Culture

Coffee With a Purpose

Thursday, September, 2022

Coffee is only as good as the water it’s made from.

Quality water is a vital ingredient to a good cup of coffee; however, we believe that community is just as important an ingredient.

O.Henry’s is a proud partner with Neverthirst; a non-profit designed to bring clean and living water to untapped communities worldwide. The organization works to implement accessible water systems into communities like Ethiopia— a country that is home to many of our coffee farmers.

Any time you have purchased water at O.Henry’s, you supported the Neverthirst cause.

This month we are taking it one step further.

Now, when you purchase a bag of our Ethiopia coffee, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Neverthirst project in that region.


“We are honored to partner with O.Henry’s because they see coffee as a catalyst to do good in the world. We are excited to join with this generous community to bring hope and health to people in Ethiopia through safe, clean water.” -Jimbo Tucker, Director of Partnerships, Neverthirst


Part of the Neverthirst mission is to provide 85% of the people in each community with clean and accessible water within a mile or less from their home. This project directly impacts our coffee farmers, and we believe it is important to provide our support to a community to which we are so closely connected.

Neverthirst is an action-driven organization with strong goals to help change our world. Their heart for community and focus on positive change is reflective of the same values we operate our coffee shops with today. We are passionate about the global impact that Neverthirst is making and excited to give you the opportunity to help us cultivate change.

Posted by Falcon Wiles at Thursday, September 01, 2022