O.Henry's K-Cups

Our Company

Words often have such contrasting meanings, and the word “company” is exactly the sort. O.Henry’s is most certainly a company of, for, and about coffee. And in that sense, the word company means a business, or with a modest deviation, an aligned group of people.

But where we grew up, company meant something far more important. You see, company was the universal word that included anyone you didn’t live with who would be coming into your home in the near future. And when company was coming over, there was much to be done.

At O.Henry’s, we love nothing more than for our tables, chairs, booths, and patios to be filled with company of all sorts. Friends and family members. Neighbors, old and new. The loved and the lonely. The upbeat and the downtrodden.

And regardless of how you arrived here, we want people to know how special they are by the fact that we treated them like company. We intensely prepared for them to be here, and we pledge to do all that is required to make their time with us enjoyable, delightful, and most importantly, memorable.

We’ll bring the coffee. We simply want you – all of you – to be our company.